A Weekend in Ontario

I know it’s been a while since I last wrote, but my last few posts haven’t been the happiest and I’ve been waiting for something good to write. If I’m being entirely truthful, I’ve been waiting for a very specific good thing to happen and so far it hasn’t come. But I also know that my life is not void of good things, so instead of focusing on everything that is wrong and unhappy and has not happened yet, I want (and need) to pay more attention to all the blessings I have been given. This past weekend was a great reminder that this past year hasn’t been all bad; in fact, most of it has been pretty awesome! I got to go back to Ontario for the weekend and celebrate a host of different things!

Friday, I graduated with my Masters Degree and got to see most of the friends I made last year during my year at McMaster. My time at Mac was a whirlwind and it was so good to have a great group of friends around me going through the same craziness as me. The ceremony was extremely boring, especially at 9:30 in the morning, but I couldn’t have been happier to be surrounded by friends and familiar faces, laughing at grammatical errors and word mix-ups in the speeches, as only English Masters would. Sadly, that was probably the last time we’ll all be together, but I’ll never forget the last year and the words of encouragement we all had for each other when a paper seemed unwriteable or a certain professor marked a paper as “unfortunate”. To any of my Mac friends who may read this, thank you for your friendship and please please please (!!!) keep in touch!


So glad I got to go back and celebrate with these girls!

Saturday was another exciting day marking another exciting event: the wedding! My dress came in and I got to stand in it for an hour and a half for the fitting! My feet were very sore after standing in my new yellow shoes for that long, but I loved every minute. We added straps to it and by the end it really felt like my dress – even my mom likes it now! I couldn’t have asked for better service at the bridal salon I went to, and it’s been really special to go with both my mom and my grandma.

I am thankful for my short trip to Ontario to focus on my accomplishment of the last year and the promise of the future to remind me that there is more than the present challenges to focus on. Wedding planning has proven a good distraction and I’m happy we have enough time that I can plan slowly without getting stressed and enjoy all the different steps and tasks it involves.


I can’t put up an actual picture of my dress, because Daniel will see it, but I can’t help but say that it looks something like this, haha.

Christmas is now well on its way as well (and my birthday with it!), so I wish you all happy holidays full of laughter and food and good memories!